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The Timeline Of World War 2

Most historians agree that the World War 2 timeline begins with Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939. Great Britain and France previously allowed Germany to annex Austria and gave them part of Czechoslovakia all to avoid war. With the invasion of Poland it was clear that Germany had no respect for the previous agreement that they won't invade any other countries if granted the land of Czechoslovakia. Two days after Poland was invaded France and Britain declared war on Nazi Germany.

Next year Germany would attack Norway and Denmark, Denmark's surrender was almost immediate but Norway fought the Germans with help from France and Britain but ultimately Norway would surrender as well. Not long after Germany invaded other countries like Holland, Belgium and France as well using their Blitzkrieg - literally "lightning war" strategy, Paris fell just two weeks after the initial invasion of France.

After conquering France Germany changed their focus to Britain, at this point in the World War 2 timeline comes along the first victory over the Germans in World War 2. Britain proved itself superior in the air and Hitler postponed his invasion plans, indefinitely as it would later turn out.

After that the tide of the war would change, in 1941 Germany would invade Russia. In the first months Germany was superior to the Russian army but the Russian winter would prove fatal to the German army.

In 1943 for the second time in the World War 2 timeline Germany would face their first major defeat in Stalingrad. From then on it would become one defeated after another, while Japan advanced in the Pacific throughout 1943 and 1944 Mussolini would lose control over Italy and the Allies would heavily bomb Germany destroying their industry and to make things worse for Hitler Russia was on the move as well, winning back territory on the Eastern front. In the timeline of world war 2 Germany would have no great victories anymore, the Allies would prove themselves superior and would finally start invading Germany itself in 1945. Hitler killed himself on 30th of April 1945 ending the war in Europe.

Four months later the USA dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki thereby ending World War 2

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