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The Legend Of The Club 27

The 27 Club refers to a group of musicians who all died at the age of 27. The club is also known as the Curse of 27 and Club 27 and it is often referred by other names as well. All of the musicians have several things in common, all of them were famous musicians and of course they were all 27 when they died.

The idea of the club first started after several famous and renowned musicians died all of them at the age of 27. Many consider the first "member" of the club to be Robert Johnson, legendary blues player. The thing that is interesting about Johnson compared to the other members of the club is that he already had a legend about his death, before the idea of the 27 Club came to be. Less known in his time but later would become legend that Robert Johnson became a master of the guitar in a very short time, because of this a legend formed that he sold his soul to the devil for mastery of his instrument.

The idea for the 27 Club first appeared in 1994, to that point there were already many famous musicians who all died at the age of 27. Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain after all of these musicians died a pattern emerged, they all died when they were 27 years old and that's how the 27 Club formed.

Almost all of the musicians that are usually included in the 27 Club had at least some controversy related to their death. Robert Johnson's cause of death is unknown to this day, though it is believed to have been strychnine poisoning. The circumstances of Brian Jones' death are also suspicious, he supposedly drowned in his swimming pool but it was speculated that he might have been murdered. Jimmy Hendrix suffocated after taking too many sleeping pills.

Throughout the years the 27 Club has remained controversial because of the suspicious deaths of its "members" and the "rock and roll" lifestyle they led.

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The Short History Of The Houston Texans

The Houston Texans don't have a particularly long history which is only logical when you consider that the team was only established in 2002. The Texans are a expansion team that were created to fill the gap left by the Huston Oilers after their move to Tennessee. After the Oilers moved Houston desperately need a pro football team.

Because the National Football League was more interested in bringing a team to L.A. because of it's TV viewership Houston was left in a bad position. In 1999 after it was decidd that L.A should get the expansion team the National Football League soon realized that Los Angeles isn't ready to take on a new team, they didn't have a clear ownership plan for the team nor did they have a home stadium for the future team. At this point it was decided that Houston should get the expansion team as it already had a cutting edge stadium and the ownership for the team was already worked out.

In 2000 the construction of Reliant Stadium the future home of the Houston Texans, the owners and staff of the team worked quickly to create a name, logo and uniforms for the team. Later that year the Texans' logo was revealed during their christening. As head coach they hired Dom Capers and by 2002 the team was ready for the prime time.

They played their first match against the Cowboys and they won! The first win for the Houston Texans and they were only the second expansion team in the National Football League to win their first game during the regular season. Though it should be said that after that game, they lost the next 5 in a row.

The Texans had moderate success during the following years, they are very well supported by their fans who were glad to have a new team. Their game has also been improving in the last years, in 2005 Capers was fired and replaced by Gary Kubiak who led the team but did some contraversial decisions.
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History of the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have a somewhat short history as they only became a part of the National Football League in 1995. Together with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Carolina Panthers they serve as the football representatives for Carolina (North and South). The Panthers were a part of the West division of the NFC but in 2002 were moved into the South division which was only logical considering their location. Only 8 years into the National Football League they had an appearance on the 2003 Super Bowl. The mascot of the Panthers is Sir Purr and their manager is Marty Hurney.

The history of the Carolina Panthers begins in the late 80s when it was decided that there should be a National Football League expansion team for the Carolinas. Jerry Richardson where he wanted to build a stadium that could seat over 70 000 people. With a lot of fan support all of the preseason games were sold out in 89',90' and 91'. In 92' discussions about expansion teams began but were delayed because of some disputes within the league. Finally in 93' it was announced that Carolina would get a National Football League team.

In 1995 Dom Capers became the head coach of the Carolina Panthers and they managed to win their first game against a new team, the Jaguars, another new team. Because their future home stadium was still under constructions they played all their games at Clemson University.

The 90s weren’t all great for the Panthers, one of their players Rae Carruth conspired to kill his then girlfriend and was later on convicted for it. This of course was a lot of bad press for the Panthers and to make it worse, they lost their quarterback Kerry Collins because he had alcohol and behavior issues and that's not even the worst of it. Their running back Fred Lane was killed by his wife very soon after being traded from the Indianapolis Colts. 

After that the team had a lot of trouble finding a good head coach and suffered in performance again. They regained their game again in 2003, they got into and won the Super Bowl XXXVIII.

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History And Downfall Of The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have been in professional football since 1946. They have a long and interesting history, it all began with the All-America Football Conference, the AAFC which would later merge into the NFL.

The first coach of the Cleveland Browns was Paul Brown, but he wasn't just the coach he was also the general manager and vice president when they were part of the AAFC. Something surprising is that the team was named after him even though and maybe particularly because the name was chosen by a naming contest. As Brown was already popular in Ohio in the world of football people thought it was appropriate. Brown didn't actually want the team to be named after him, instead he wanted to call the team the Panthers but due to some trademarks he couldn't do it so he had to name the team after himself and the Cleveland Browns were born.

Because of Paul Browns connections to the football world he had all what he needed to start a good team. It worked, in 1948 his team had the season record and wasn't beaten once. The team was also very popular, even at the beginning they had some 57,000 spectators per season. This was quite the accomplishment especially if you consider that just a year before the Cleveland Rams were moved to L.A. because they were losing money and because the community didn't care for them much. After 1949 because of some problems in the AAFC the National Football League took 3 teams from the AAFC, of which the Browns were the most interesting.

Even in the NFL the Browns were a very good team, the first year in the surpasses analyst expectations. The team performed  well all throughout the 50s and 60s but problems began when Paul Brown sold the team to Art Modell and started a new team which would later become the Cincinnati Bengals which resulted in the teams becoming instant rivals. The Browns continued to perform well into the early 70s, but problems started when the NFL merged with the AFL.

A lot of changes happened from the 70s and into the 80s for the Cleveland Browns. A lot of staff was changed including players and coaches but nothing seemed to help with ending the losing streak. From then on it went hill down for the Browns, in their 50 years of existence they didn't participate in the Super Bowl once.

The Chicago Bears have a long history in professional football, their team started playing in the NFL in 1920 when the league was just at it's start. They particapated in every season of the NFL and have become legends in the world of professional football. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has more Bears players than any other team. They also have more wins than any other National Football League team, over 700 in total. They also have 8 championship and one Super Bowl wins which is right behind the Green Bay Packers, which just happen to be their biggest rivals.

Most people and even Bears fans don't know that their former name was The Decatur Staleys. At the time in 1920 when their entered professional football their then player and coach George Halas was one of the leading developers of the league. The team counted ten wins in their first season alone but ultimately lost the championship to the Akron Pros.

In 1921 when the team moved to Chicago their sponsor A. E. Staley gave them $5000 to keep their original name for another year. The same year they won their first championship it was also the last year in which they would be called Decatur Staleys. The next year in 1922 the name was changed to Bears and that name would soon become a well known one in the National Football League. In the early days of football, before it became mainstream there were a lot of organisation problems, it wasn't unusual that it wasn't really clear who the champions were because of uneven standings. Another problem in the early years was that the American public didn't really care much for professional football because they saw it as a sellout and preferred college football which was about football and not about money.

George Hallas was one of the people that helped change this, he took the Bears on a nation wide trip, 17 games all over the United States. He was ultimately successful and managed to change the view American people had on professional football. Soon after he retired and Ralph Jones took over as the coach of the Bears.

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A Bit Of Dolphins History

The Miami Dolphins football team is based as the name implies in Miami, Florida. Their home stadium is the Land Shark Stadium in the Miami Gardens. The Miami Dolphins are part of the Eastern Division of the American Football Conference which is part of the NFL. The team first started playing in 1966 as an expansion team in the American Football League. When the American Football League merged with the National Football League they became a part of the NFL. The Dolphins are the oldest professional sports team in Florida.

The original home stadium of the Miami Dolphins was the Orange Bowl stadium also in Miami. Their new home stadium after the 1986 season was the Joe Robbie Stadium. The stadium had a number of name changes throughout the years, the name was changed from Joe Robbie Stadium to Pro Player stadium but it has also been known as: Pro Player Park, Dolphin Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, and Land Shark Stadium. It's newest name is the Sun Life Stadium. The stadium is located at 2267 NW 199th Street in Miami Gardens.

The Miami Dolphins first appeared on the Super Bowl in 1971 for the Super Bowl VI. The next year they completed the NFL's only perfect season resulting in a Super Bowl victory adn winning all 14 regular season games, another 2 playoff games. They also appeared in Super Bowl VII, during the same year they had a perfect season, the forth in National Football League history. They became the first team to appear in a Super Bowl 3 times in a row, but they also won the Super Bowl VIII. They also made it into Super Bowl XVII and Super Bowl XIX.

The uniforms and logo of the Miami Dolphins hasn't changed much since the team was founded. The original colors were and remained orange and aqua but a navy colored trim was added in 1997. The logo uses the dolphin from the name of the team as a main element, it consists of a flaming hoop and a dolphin leaping through the loop wearing a football helmet with the letter M. When the team first started playing the dolphin on the logo had it's head closer to the center of the hoop but by 1974 the dolphin's body was in the center of the hoop. The biggest change was in 1997 when the hoop was simplified and the dolphins expression and color were changed to reflect a more serious image. The uniform consists of white helmets with aqua or white jerseys and pants.

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A Peek Into The History Of The New York Giants

The New York Giants go back in football as New York itself, in fact when New York first came in contact with football the New York Giants came not long after. Fortunately the team didn't break apart and was still there when the time of professional football came.

The New York Giants were first owned by Tim Mara who bought the team for $500. In the first 10 years the team was struggling financially but despite that they managed to win their first title only on their third season. Then in the 1930s Depression struck the whole world and the control over the team switched from Mara to his sons. Wellington Mara became the youngest owner of a football team, but he did a lot of other memorable things and contributed a lot to the team.

Then the US entered WWII which was a hard time for teams as much as fans. Some of the best players were sent to war. During this time a lot of teams disappeared but the Giants survived and were able to win 3 National Football League championship games. During the 1950s football was becoming a more mainstream sport, it started gaining popularity in the public eye, the Giants contributed to this by producing some of the best football players of all time in this period.

Like most other teams the New York Giants had a lot of problems during the 1960s, loss of players and injuries cost them important games but the team survived that period non the less. In the 70s came a transition period, the team played home games at various stadiums and even different states. This period was also transitional because younger and stronger teams like Pittsburgh, Dallas and Minnesota became mainstream.

It was in the 1980s that the Giants recovered and made their first appearance at the Super Bowl and the world championship. By the 90s the Giants were one of the top NFL teams, much remained the same including players and ownership of the team.

Entering the 2000s the New York Giants have developed a consistent play and remain one of the best teams in the NFL despite failing to win the Super Bowl in 2000. Since Tom Coughlin became head coach in 2004 the Giants have been on the top of their game.

Currently, the New York Giants perform marvelously which just shows that they aren't slacking off and are determined to be better than ever and live up to their reputation.

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Getting a slip on exhaust

There iѕ nо doubt thе Honda CBR 1000RR iѕ оne of the moѕt common bikes оn the industry put. It's recognition as а racing bike аnԁ а single cherished for street riding iѕ irrefutable. Not аll riders аrе іn adore wіth the stock арреar nеvеrthеleѕs and ѕо there are very а couple of possibilities on thе sector for bettering thе appears tо bе tо be аnd occasionally the efficiency of the bicycle. The aftermarket motorbike slip on exhaust is usually quickly anԁ straightforward to install. Other folks neeԁ а bit further perform to gеt them set uр but thе complete result seеmѕ to be valuе іt tо the rider generally due tо the fact these exhausts arе advertising anԁ marketing.

One рartіcular unique of the comparatively newcomers to the aftermarket exhaust revolution fоr thе Honda CBR motorcycles iѕ Hyperflo. Hyperflo exhausts hаԁ been produced bу аn avid motorcycle rider аnd engineer in Utah аnd the layout аnԁ effectiveness swiftly tооk hold іn thе CBR local community. Hyperflo hаѕ undoubtedly created а name аnd buzz іn the business exhibiting nо slowing but rathеr аn elevate іn earnings аnd attractiveness. There аrе people riders who forcefully defend thе smooth model аnd thе throaty sound thаt wоuld sееm to be to bе very fіrst to Hyperflo.

As with a lot оf nicely-liked makes thіs 1 ѕеems tо be to be developing a stir аnԁ in truth iѕ generating its reаllу individual neighborhood of followers. The corporation hаs kеpt uр with new styles аnԁ innovations thаt rival evеn the main brand nаme names оn the market. It hаѕ been amazing to ѕеe thе surge thаt haѕ соme to the neighborhood frоm thіs startup. It looks Hyperflo ԁid one thing perfect when creating thеir merchandise. Most probable thеrе trulу iѕ sоmе thing tо thеir slogan "See Hear and Genuinely rеаlly feel the Large variance!"