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A Peek Into The History Of The New York Giants

The New York Giants go back in football as New York itself, in fact when New York first came in contact with football the New York Giants came not long after. Fortunately the team didn't break apart and was still there when the time of professional football came.

The New York Giants were first owned by Tim Mara who bought the team for $500. In the first 10 years the team was struggling financially but despite that they managed to win their first title only on their third season. Then in the 1930s Depression struck the whole world and the control over the team switched from Mara to his sons. Wellington Mara became the youngest owner of a football team, but he did a lot of other memorable things and contributed a lot to the team.

Then the US entered WWII which was a hard time for teams as much as fans. Some of the best players were sent to war. During this time a lot of teams disappeared but the Giants survived and were able to win 3 National Football League championship games. During the 1950s football was becoming a more mainstream sport, it started gaining popularity in the public eye, the Giants contributed to this by producing some of the best football players of all time in this period.

Like most other teams the New York Giants had a lot of problems during the 1960s, loss of players and injuries cost them important games but the team survived that period non the less. In the 70s came a transition period, the team played home games at various stadiums and even different states. This period was also transitional because younger and stronger teams like Pittsburgh, Dallas and Minnesota became mainstream.

It was in the 1980s that the Giants recovered and made their first appearance at the Super Bowl and the world championship. By the 90s the Giants were one of the top NFL teams, much remained the same including players and ownership of the team.

Entering the 2000s the New York Giants have developed a consistent play and remain one of the best teams in the NFL despite failing to win the Super Bowl in 2000. Since Tom Coughlin became head coach in 2004 the Giants have been on the top of their game.

Currently, the New York Giants perform marvelously which just shows that they aren't slacking off and are determined to be better than ever and live up to their reputation.

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