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The Chicago Bears have a long history in professional football, their team started playing in the NFL in 1920 when the league was just at it's start. They particapated in every season of the NFL and have become legends in the world of professional football. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has more Bears players than any other team. They also have more wins than any other National Football League team, over 700 in total. They also have 8 championship and one Super Bowl wins which is right behind the Green Bay Packers, which just happen to be their biggest rivals.

Most people and even Bears fans don't know that their former name was The Decatur Staleys. At the time in 1920 when their entered professional football their then player and coach George Halas was one of the leading developers of the league. The team counted ten wins in their first season alone but ultimately lost the championship to the Akron Pros.

In 1921 when the team moved to Chicago their sponsor A. E. Staley gave them $5000 to keep their original name for another year. The same year they won their first championship it was also the last year in which they would be called Decatur Staleys. The next year in 1922 the name was changed to Bears and that name would soon become a well known one in the National Football League. In the early days of football, before it became mainstream there were a lot of organisation problems, it wasn't unusual that it wasn't really clear who the champions were because of uneven standings. Another problem in the early years was that the American public didn't really care much for professional football because they saw it as a sellout and preferred college football which was about football and not about money.

George Hallas was one of the people that helped change this, he took the Bears on a nation wide trip, 17 games all over the United States. He was ultimately successful and managed to change the view American people had on professional football. Soon after he retired and Ralph Jones took over as the coach of the Bears.

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