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The Short History Of The Houston Texans

The Houston Texans don't have a particularly long history which is only logical when you consider that the team was only established in 2002. The Texans are a expansion team that were created to fill the gap left by the Huston Oilers after their move to Tennessee. After the Oilers moved Houston desperately need a pro football team.

Because the National Football League was more interested in bringing a team to L.A. because of it's TV viewership Houston was left in a bad position. In 1999 after it was decidd that L.A should get the expansion team the National Football League soon realized that Los Angeles isn't ready to take on a new team, they didn't have a clear ownership plan for the team nor did they have a home stadium for the future team. At this point it was decided that Houston should get the expansion team as it already had a cutting edge stadium and the ownership for the team was already worked out.

In 2000 the construction of Reliant Stadium the future home of the Houston Texans, the owners and staff of the team worked quickly to create a name, logo and uniforms for the team. Later that year the Texans' logo was revealed during their christening. As head coach they hired Dom Capers and by 2002 the team was ready for the prime time.

They played their first match against the Cowboys and they won! The first win for the Houston Texans and they were only the second expansion team in the National Football League to win their first game during the regular season. Though it should be said that after that game, they lost the next 5 in a row.

The Texans had moderate success during the following years, they are very well supported by their fans who were glad to have a new team. Their game has also been improving in the last years, in 2005 Capers was fired and replaced by Gary Kubiak who led the team but did some contraversial decisions.
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