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There is a huge number of errors your computer might experience. Of course, these errors are oftentimes not as harmful to the computer as they seem to be to the computer users, who usually get really mad when these things happen. If you weren’t aware of this, there is a number of files called DLL, which is an abbreviation of dynamic link library. These files, which have certain codes and data within, are usually used by one or more files that need them in order to function properly. Actually, a very large percent of applications, programs and just about anything that can be ‘done’ on a computer is actually provided by the existence of the DLL files.

People who are interested in gaming probably happened to encounter various problems with DLL files. Usually, such problems can be found after installing a newer 3D game and trying to run it. Most of the times, you would get a message box that would practically tell you that you either don’t have a certain DLL file or that it wasn’t found in your system. This can also happen with ati2dvag.dll. Actually, getting an ati2dvag.dll error is quite common if you are trying out these last generation games. The problem is probably the computer’s registry, so what you need to do next is to fix the problem in the easiest way possible. No, you really don’t need to be a professional and you don’t need to hire someone to do it for you either. You only have to download a very helpful program called Registry Free. Once downloaded, you only have to install it and open it. Then, you need to click on ‘Scan’ in order to have your entire system scanned. Once the scanning is over, you just need to click on the ‘Repair Problems’ button and you are done!

It seems like with a really useful program, you don’t actually need to manually fix every error on your PC or laptop. Everything can be solved in a matter of minutes if you just find the time to do a little research before panicking and thinking about having to reinstall your Windows again. It is important to know that ati2dvag.dll together with the other DLL files are essential to the good running of your computer, so the possible errors that might occur need to be fixed immediately, although you might not have trouble because of them right away.

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