subota, 25. lipnja 2011.

iTunes Error 8008

People do use itunes and they really buy a lot of music and videos online from their site. Unfortunately, sometimes you pay for different files and when you get them they don’t work and they also show up an iTunes Error 8008. This error happens the most when you download files. Some people say that once in 10 downloads they get this error and they are pretty annoyed about it. Some people have contacted Apple staff but they still didn’t get any answer and they had to make their own researches in solving the problem. Some other people were told they have to turn off the firewall they have for protection which is a wrong thing. You are more exposed to viruses and other problems. But despite this fact, lots of people have don it and they admitted they didn’t get the error anymore.

The error 8008 is very stressing because can corrupt the files that you have downloaded already. Everytime you download things from itunes and apple store once you download them make sure you transfer the files in a different folder that don’t belongs to any program. You create the folder and then copy or move the files there. Another suggestion in fixing the error was reinstalling the software which will also lead to losing all information you have downloaded. In worse case, this is the last thing you can do but is not sure the error will disappear if you reinstall the software. You can check out reviews about how other people solved their problem. Sometimes same method doesn’t work the same for same error.

Another way to try solving this error would be to follow the next steps and instructions. First, you have to move the library on another disk than the one where you have installed the itunes software. Then you have to go in the folder downloads from the itunes. Here you get a file with the extention .tmp. this one has to be deleted from there and try to paste it in the system32 of the computer. Another way of fixing the error is to make sure that after you download 10 mb you do take a pause from downloading and the copy the file with .tmp extension in another folder, anywhere else but downloads folder. It is believed this way the error stops from appearing. If you cannot fix it at all, remove the software and try to install it again and then when the error will appear try to use only one method of fixing.

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