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There are many things in life that will make us feel better about ourselves. Some people manage to lose weight, others get married but some people get ‘high’ on life when they buy certain things. Among these things that people buy are computers. Computers are bought by people because they might need them or just because they want one too! There are people who use computers to make money and that is why they will need to buy a new computer. These people might work in offices or do all sorts of programming for all sorts of companies. There are also people who need really high end gaming computers because they participate in gaming competitions. You might not believe it but the winning teams in such competitions can win a lot of money! Such people usually know what to expect of their computers and how to use them and they know every .exe to what it belongs to. However, people who do not know that much about computers might get really frustrated and sometimes even scared when they will see that their computers have files such as dlg.exe. This is happening because they have no idea what such files are. Here I will explain to you what the dlg.exe file is for.

If you are wondering what exactly is the dlg.exe program that you constantly see in your task manager then you should know that it is a tool that offers great things to people who really need to use it. This .exe comes with BVRP Phone Tools. This is a program that allows you to send and receive faxes from your computer. It also allows you access to a phone book and an email sender that makes emails a lot easier. The dlg.exe is a part of these tools and it makes sure that everything works in order. This is a program that you will have to install and this means that the .exe file just mentioned is not a system one. This means that you can disable it whenever you want to! By doing this you will increase the performance of your computer. However, if you need this program working then you should leave this .exe file be!

If you have installed the Phone Tools program then you should know that this .exe file will be in your computer. There is no need to disable it if you really need it but if not then you can end its process right away!

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