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iPhone Error 1015

One of the most popular devices on the market is the iphone. This type of gadget seems to have hypnotized all the people and it is amazing if we consider its functions. The incomes for this device were the highest in the last 3 years, it is about thousands billions, lots of money. The phone is a genius in the technology and can do almost anything. It works first as a cell phone. Second is a mini computer and will allow you to watch movies, listen music, connect to internet and download different files you need. The memory is pretty huge for such a tiny thing. It is also a great GPS when travelling so you don’t need to get a separate one. It is great with one thing you can have so many others, is really useful and comfortable.
You have to be very careful with your iphone just like you are with a computer. This means you can download things from the internet and get viruses which is a big problem. Even if you have no viruses some problems may happen, for example different software errors. One of the errors that appear pretty often is error 1015 and is one of the most annoying ones. This error appear when people are downloading the upgrades for their iphone. There are few methods in fixing it but like any error for iphones is not sure it will work but you cannot find out unless you try. Error 1015 is being caused by touch software for downgrading the phone. The file .ipsw is responsible for what happens and you can avoid this error by checking out what versions of software are compatible with your iphone. You can simply go on the official site because here you will be told all details.

In order to try solving the problem you have to download the firmware on the phone. After this you will need to open itunes software and also connect it to the phone. Once they are connected make sure you keep pressed the shift and then click the button for update. Again, you should chose the firmware download, once is downloaded is normal to see again the iPhone Error 1015. wait, don’t disconnect the devices and do to start-command menu, here you shpuld write the irecovery.exe command. After this you should wait a little bit and then restart the phone. It should work.

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