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Improve dirt bike suspension

There are a lot of motocross riders nowadays and most of them have perks that the old guard didn't have. Since dirt bikes are quite affordable these days most people opt to buy new instead of used, that is something that the old riders didn't have. Most of them had to fix up the used bikes they bought from someone, if that someone was a racer as well they had a very tough time getting the bike track ready.

But, that is ancient history for some, but you may find that even though you have a new bike, you're a good rider and know the track that you still aren't quite the best and happen to lose some races. Younger and inexperienced riders tend to miss some things that can dramatically improve their riding because they never had to work in deep on the mechanics of their bike. One thing that is a must if you haven't done it already is adjusting your suspension dirt bike. By adjusting your suspension you can get a completely new feeling for your bike and possibly improve your racing.

When adjusting your suspension you should always make sure that you get the right feel for the new adjustment. No racing on the brand new suspension settings but you should ride on the same track a couple of times until you have the "feel" for the new adjustment. It is also recommended that you try setting it all the way to hard and all the way to sold just so you know what it feels like to ride. You could probably figure it out yourself but when the hard suspension is meant for long terrain with larger bumps and soft is for terrain with lots of small bumps. After you've tried all of this you can make the adjustment that feels just right for you.

That's about it, there isn't much to talk about suspension at this level because it is you that has to develop the feeling for it. If you want to adjust the suspension yourself instead of taking your bike to a mechanic take a look at our article on suspension dirt bike.

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