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iOS4 Multitasking

The Apple iPhone is truly among the most amazing cell phones ever created. The features you can use on it are almost unlimited for what you would want to do with a cell phone. You can listen to music, use fun apps, browse the Internet and even have video phone calls! But what many people expected from the Apple iPhone was to be able to multitask. Yes, there are people who really wish to be able to do multiple things at a time on the iPhone. This can sometimes save a lot of time, as you can put on hold a certain application you are using and send a text message for an example. But is iOS4 Multitasking flawless?

Unfortunately, both iPhone users and critics are complaining about iPhone’s iOS4 Multitasking. One of the main reasons why this feature is not all that appreciated is mainly because you can’t actually multitask with it. If you are doing something on the phone and you would just like to minimize that action while you are doing something else, you are not only minimizing, but also freezing it. Some people would ask what is wrong about that. Well, multitasking would normally be brilliant if you could start an application that needs a little time to load and do something else on the phone while loading. But you can’t do that on iPhone with iOS4. You can only put on hold the applications, keeping them still. Sure, the music will still go on and VoIP can still answer calls and normally, the GPS is still usable and will function even while minimized. But most of the other applications won’t. If you will want to watch a video on YouTube for an example, you will have to stay on that page until the video loads if you want to watch it, because if you minimize it and do something else during, the video will stop from loading. Another inconvenience of the iOS4 is the fact that once you open an app, it is automatically added to the tray and it is quite difficult to close it if you are not the most meticulous person alive.

iOS4 Multitasking is not such a bad idea, but many people believe that it was not well organized. Also, there are some who don’t mind the fact that their apps freeze while they minimize them. After all, they simply want to put them on hold while they do something else. It depends very much on what you are using your iPhone for. However, this feature should probably be improved in time, or else Apple will get many unsatisfied customers.

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