utorak, 21. lipnja 2011.

Yahoo Anti Spy

Internet is a very used tool lately and lots of people take advantage of it. It helps anyone in anything. Online you can find any information from any field. Internet is also used by people to socialize a lot. One third of people using the internet spend daily few hours on socializing network which is a lot. This is a fact why many people separated and many problems appears if you don’t socialize properly. Lots of other people are interested in finding out personal information about others, information like what their passwords are, what they do, what they talk with others and everything.

This industry of spying programs developed a lot lately. There are lots of programs that will show you every move one do on a computer when is alone. You can find out anything and in some cases is recommended, for example when parents are supervising the activity of their children. They need to have limits when online because there are lots of harmful sites. Same thing happens when using special programs for socializing. The information can be stolen with special programs and in the same time other programs protecting you from this appeared. Thus, there are Yahoo Anti Spy programs. They are not free, they cost about 30 $ and they are meant to keep safe your information anytime someone is trying to attempt to your computer. Newer programs will even detect the ip of the computer trying to get information from you. You should consider it because yahoo accounts are the most popular all over the world. Automatically the system has anti viruses and protection measures but this is being eliminated when using yahoo instant messaging, the best anti spy ware is the one from yahoo, this way you know the program is according to yahoo instant messaging.

Make sure you get it from the official site. Another option you have is to buy a full protection anti spyware program, this way you will be protected not only on yahoo but on other accounts and from all points of view. Check out reviews about the best ones and compare features, prices and of course warranty. You have to know that this type of programs are not available for free, they do offer high protection and in the same time they do have a cost, which is pretty high and can go from 30 $ to few hundreds.

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